Talking with Cosmic Infusion | New, self-titled EP


Black Suicide: Well, so have you been?

Sushan Shetty: Pretty good. Loads of work is involved with a release. But thankfully we’ve had a lot of people step forward and help us out, so been pretty good.


Black Suicide: So, tell me about the new release?

Sushan Shetty: This is our debut release. And it’s really been a long time coming, not only for us but also for all the people who’ve been with us over the years.
The EP is self-titled and has 5 tracks with each track having an independent storyline/concept. And it has a runtime of about 32 minutes. It was recorded, mixed and mastered by Nikhil Singh (Closed Eye Productions). The entire process was amazing and we’ve pushed ourselves keeping nothing back.


Black Suicide: What are the usual themes you used/wrote upon in the debut release?

Sushan Shetty: We usually write about whatever we feel strongly about. Be it nature, space, life, suicide, holy places, death.
Like for example ‘Journey’ is about your own experience going through the woods, the hills into outer space and how you realize that the universe is much larger than you and there is a power greater, so powerful, which can create. And the created only has an illusion that he can create and can only destroy the created.
Crepheus came from the idea that nothing escapes the black hole- no form of energy, not even light. Crepheus is a celestial body born in the black hole and knows and understands only thing, which is destruction, which forms the source of energy for Crepheus.
Gothika is a place far from the rest of the mankind. It is protected by the people and the spirits which have never left the place. The song describes a part where in a certain group of people, who get to know the richness of Gothika, try to take away their natural wealth which leads to the people of Gothika unleashing their wrath upon them.


Black Suicide: What is the story behind self-titling the EP?

Sushan Shetty: This was probably the most difficult part while making the EP, haha! Since all the tracks are independent of each other. It was really difficult to encapsulate them into one title. There were a lot of ideas that came about but eventually the fact that these songs have been with us for so long and they pretty much stand for who we are lead us to choosing the title ‘Cosmic Infusion – Cosmic Infusion’.


Black Suicide: Well, give us a brief idea as of what the artwork is about?

Sushan Shetty:  It’s quite self-explanatory. And I had pretty much visualized this about 6 months before all the work was done.


Black Suicide: Brief us up with the tracklist?

Sushan Shetty: There are 5 tracks. ‘Acronycal Éloge’ which is about a profane ritual performed at an unholy time and ‘Burial Of Thy Own’, both these tracks are quite well known to our fans and we have been playing them for years now. Followed by the newer tracks- ‘Journey’, ‘Gothika’ and ‘Crepheus-Bringer Of The End’.


Black Suicide: Last words for fans and readers?

Sushan Shetty: This EP is obviously extremely special to us and there are lots of things we’ve done on the EP which we never even thought we would be able to do which you would realise when you get to hear it. So, do try and get your hands on it. Feel free to get in touch and we would love to hear from all of you directly.

Promo video:


Interview with Finland based Kausalgia



Give me a brief of your band. What is it all about?

Mactus Heinonen: Kausalgia was founded because me and Tommi (Häyrynen, drums, other founding member) needed a way to express musical visions. Kausalgia is about unleashing our inner demons and making them into melancholic way of art. We feel the world is still lacking the kind of band that Kausalgia is.


Which year did Kausalgia came into occurence?


Mactus Heinonen: In the year 2010. We actually started to record our first demo, “promo 2010”, before we had a name. A few weeks before the release we had decided what the name should be.


Well, what does the name ‘Kausalgia’ signify?

Mactus Heinonen: ” causalgia /cau·sal·gia/ (kaw-zal´jah) a burning pain, often with trophic skin changes, due to peripheral nerve injury.”
Changing the C to K gives it a bit of Scandinavian vibe. The name describes us very well, although our music sounds many times like the burning pain is in the heart rather than in the skin area.


What genre category you put your band under? Enlighten me with your genre and the lyrical theme in detail.

Mactus Heinonen: Mostly we talk about Dark/Black Metal. That is because our music resembles Black Metal very much, and originally we were formed as a Black Metal band. But because of our wide range of other influences we have included the Dark Metal term with the genre definitions. 
Also one big reason for not calling us a simple Black Metal band is that the most important part of Black Metal music, Satan, is not very much represented in our lyrical themes. Our lyrics are more about nature, apocalypse, death and supernatural things in general.


Well yes, coming to Satan. How important you think are Satanic ‘terms’ within overall Black Metal music and culture?

Mactus Heinonen: I think that without Satan there is no Black Metal. It is not neccessary to have all, or even some, lyrics about Satan, but at least the compositions should have at least subconsciousnally be inspired by Satan. In Kausalgia and in my songs, the subconscious influence in the riffs and compositions should be heard.


Tell me about your major influences?

Mactus Heinonen: Well, Satan of course, haha! But also nature and it’s wonders, the moon, the forests, lakes… Musically it’s hard to say, everything I have ever heard and listen to does influence a bit. I guess the fact that I have been listening to Black Metal for years and learned to play and compose in a certain way affects how our songs turn out.


Where exactly is the band based out of? Tell me about the audience and the support over there.

Mactus Heinonen: We rehearse and most of us live in Vantaa, Finland, close to the capital, Helsinki. I have to say that we’ve had good audience and support in Helsinki, mostly because the audience consists of our friends and they know who we are. In other cities we’ve also had surprisingly good reception, even when they don’t know who we are. Still they are very interested in the music and seem to like it.


Well, we have had a lot of gear nerds lately. Tell me about your gear and equipment.

Mactus Heinonen: Live I use 100w VOXac100 head and 2×12 Koch cabinet with Washburn Vindicator guitar, and Audix OM-7 microphone. Our other guitarist Aaro uses ENGL 60w powerball head and Marshal 1960Al 4×12 cabinet with BC Rich PX3 guitar.
Our bass player Janne uses Ashdown head and 8×10 cabinet with BC Rich bass. 
Our synth player Ville has Korg and Kurzweil keyboards.
Drummer Tommi uses live DW drums and various set of cymbals. In rehearsals he plays Gretch.

The EP was recorded with BC Rich guitars and basses, Eng fireball head and Peavey 6505 amp, with Engl Vintage cabinet. DW drums were also used, with Aquarian clear and hi-energy drumheads.


Is the band planning any new releases in near future?

Mactus Heinonen: Yes, we are currently writing new songs and are going to record a full lenght album during the summer. So hopefully we will get our debut album released next autumn.


Well, tell me more about your recent release? What all did it consist of? …and did the EP gather the desired amount of support

Mactus Heinonen: It consists of five tracks that are: 1. Reincarnated 2. The Drug 3. Lupaus 4. Farewell 5. As the curtain falls.
The recording took place in D-Studio, Klaukkala Finland. We had booked 4 days, and we were actually supposed to record drums for the debut albums, but a few weeks before decided to do a full EP instead. So we were in a big hurry all the time and worked long hours. It was really frustrating and stressful, but somehow we managed to do it. We booked one extra day to do some more mixing, because I had done the first mix on the morning of day 4, so it was not quite good enough, altough very close to it.


Any last words for readers?

Mactus Heinonen: Thank you very much! Hope this interview will give some perspective to our existing fans or interest those not yet familiar with Kausalgia. Our newest EP, “Farewell”, can be found from Bandcamp, Spotify or Facebook, so check it out! Thank you!


Listen to Kausalgia here!



Interview with Vent d’Automne

BLACK SUICIDE: How are you guys doing?

VENT D’AUTOMNE: Hello, I am Svartblod, the one-half of Vent d’Automne, Lysetdod couldn’t be here because he doesn’t give interviews. Well, we are doing fine, currently we both are looking forward to the release of the split album with 3 good Black Metal bands- From Beyond The Abyss, In Solitude I Stand and Lifeless Dreams…Pale Illusions.

BLACK SUICIDE: What is Vent d’Automne? Why this name? What does it tell?

VENT D’AUTOMNE: Well, Vent d’Automne is French for ‘autumn wind’, actually me and my bandmate Lysetdod were hanging out one evening on a bridge near his building in July last year, we made the initial guitar parts of the first two songs already that time, and then we were thinking of coming up with a suitable name for our band and we both suddenly came up with the word autumn wind.  Then we decided to translate it to French  ,because French is a very delicate language, we love it and it signifies our music better, our music is heavy from exterior but from within its really delicate, it’s like a flower surrounded by thorns.

BLACK SUICIDE: What does your music signify?

VENT D’AUTOMNE: Our music signifies the extreme feelings of isolation and melancholy that we have to face every day in this big city. We both hate crowded places and our music has a feeling of pain while feeling claustrophobic in the city, our music screams in fear, agony and pain trying to break through the bondage of society and monotonous life.

BLACK SUICIDE: Why so much hate for the urban lifestyle? Had you been living in a rural area, you would not be having any of the equipments, or computers or studios to help you make music. Comment

VENT D’AUTOMNE: This is my favourite question. We really hate urban life, and frankly speaking, urban society is slowly devouring the simple rural society, the line between rural and urban is slowly disappearing, the quiet peaceful nature spots are disappearing slowly, you can hardly find nice parks or gardens anymore, and if you go to nearby villages, all you see are under construction buildings of huge power lines and industries everywhere, or big hoardings of upcoming housing societies and companies telling us and making us aware that the fucking urban dragon is gonna come soon and devour that place too. And don’t get me started on the people here, nobody cares about nobody here, there’s no love, no care and no sympathy here. People in cities are zombies; you too live in a city, don’t you? I hope you would understand and hating the city life has nothing to do with our equipments, and as I told u before, the rural areas are rapidly becoming urban, there’s no escaping it. So, even if we both leave the city and go to a village, it would soon turn into a town, then into a city eventually, so there’s no escaping it.

BLACK SUICIDE: What is your take on Satan?

VENT D’AUTOMNE: Well, I am theistic Satanist. I believe there is  an asshole called God and there’s a great entity called Satan. Please don’t confuse me with those show-offs called Laveyans, I am not a Laveyan, I am a Luciferian and I believe in Satan, and I also believe that if you have faith only in him and no other religion or cult and if you honour him and accept him in your life, then trust me your  whole life would get unimaginably awesome, and I am saying the truth, it is true. Hails!

BLACK SUICIDE: India and Black Metal, does it fit right according to you? What do you guys do to survive with such a band in a country like India?

VENT D’AUTOMNE: Haha, of course! it doesn’t fit. Come on bro, haha! Look we don’t care about all this, about the so-called scene etc. We just make music that we like and we really don’t give a fuck what others say, it’s really fun being the only ones playing ‘actual’ black metal in my city ,it’s really a unique feeling, sometimes isolation is bliss, sweeter than cake and better than sex haha, and yeah, we survive, but we also suffer. So in a way our suffering helps us to survive, makes us strong.

BLACK SUICIDE: The latest EP entitled Everything Is Fading Away released via CVLMINIS (Russia) – where is everything fading away? Why is it fading? Tell me more about your EP. Describe the themes you have used and applied in the newest EP?

VENT D’AUTOMNE: Well, according to us everything is fading away into nothingness, into oblivion, if you see the album cover which is beautifully done by my talented friend from France, Ashes Thorensen, you would see that the houses and the urban scenery is sort of sepia, like flashback, as if its moving in the past, its fading away into memories of the past, the people also look like ghosts, as if they are shadows of their physical selves which doesn’t exist anymore, we have used these feelings of sadness, melancholy, isolation in our EP.

BLACK SUICIDE: Tell me about your gear? Since, we have several requests from ‘gear nerds’ lately, we would like to make them happy too.

VENT D’AUTOMNE: Haha, well we hardly care about ‘gear’ and stuff. We don’t have much equipments as well, we just have a cheap second-hand guitar and our PCs, that’s it. We make guitar parts on the guitar, drums and synths on our PC and then we mix and master them with my vocals, so no fancy ‘gears’, haha! I hope your readers would be happy with this answer, haha!

BLACK SUICIDE: What influence you the most? Apart from the ‘filthy urban lifestyle’ as well as ‘isolation’.

VENT D’AUTOMNE: Well, apart from this, the things which influences me the most are forests, skies, you know all sorts of natural beauty, snow, ocean and also the unknown, the occult, mysteries, the paranormal, ghosts, fantasy, darkness etc and I can say this for Lysetdod as well, we both have more or less the same likes and dislikes.

BLACK SUICIDE: Share your views on agnosticism, or atheism, or anything which describes your faith in existence of God (or not).

VENT D’AUTOMNE: I am not an atheist, as I have previously told you that I believe in the existence of an asshole called god who does nothing actually, and who just dwells on people’s expectations and prayers to keep its so-called grace and pathetic glory alive and Satan is the true being who try to liberate mankind from the chains of bondage that this fucking god has bound this world in..

BLACK SUICIDE: Last words for readers.

VENT D’AUTOMNE: I have nothing more to say. Goodbye and thanks to you for the interview. Hails!

Interview with Alien Gods


Black Suicide: Hello, Alien Gods. How are you doing?

Godshredder: Hi, we are all doing well. Thanks.


Black Suicide: First of all, more power to Alien Gods. To attract support for Black Metal is quite difficult in India. I guess it’s been hard. Tell us about your journey- who formed the band and who named it as ‘Alien Gods’?

Godshredder: The band was formed in 2005. Alien Gods is basically Olik Boko’s (Godshredder) concept who is the only original member left in the band. The journey so far has been awesome. It’s really hard life but then again it’s your heart you are satisfying so we are all happy.


Black Suicide:  Well, has the band experienced any line-up changes till now?

Godshredder: There has been twelve musicians who has played with Alien Gods till date, so yeah, a lot of lineup changes happened.


Black Suicide:  How do you describe your genre ‘Lunar Blackened Death Metal’?

Godshredder: Lunar Blackened Death is the name ov our debut album, it’s not a genre, though it would be nice if it was a genre hahaha, excuse us.


Black Suicide:  You played a gig in Arunachal Pradesh last year at Red Rock Fest. How was the experience there? A place where, I guess, metal has just evolved? How was the crowd?

Godshredder: The whole experience was just amazing, though Arunachal is just emerging the response  is unbelievable, especially we played in interior district and was surprised by how the kids out there too can bang their heads and show us the horns, wow!


Black Suicide: Well, lately we have got some gear-freak readers as well. Tell us about the music equipment you have been using?

Godshredder: Doni uses Cort – vx4v guitar equipped with sweet EMG’s and licensed custom Floyd Rose and also uses Zoom G9.2tt effects processor. Right now we still use the Marshall 100 watt MG series amp. Tenzin uses an LTD AX-104 bass with double active pickups and a Laney bass amp. Prakash uses a Yamaha Pro drumkit and the vocalist uses a Shure SM 58 microphone.

Black Suicide: Enlighten us something about the Seven Sister Rock Fest which happened in Delhi. How was the overall event? Since, it was an outstation gig, there must have been a lot of difference than the usual gigs the band had played before, tell us about it.

Godshredder: The Seven Sisters Rock Fest was a nice experience. No, there was no difference than any other concerts that we have played, there’s always the same atmosphere (crazy crowd and great sound) and that always sets the mood for us.


Black Suicide:  After a successful release of few tracks, is the band planning any further music releases? Can the fans expect a music video?

Godshredder: We have come out with a debut album ‘Lunar blackened Death’. There are six songs on the album and one other song was recorded for the album Rock4life, which was an HIV/AIDS awareness album featuring bands from all the eight north eastern states. The band is working on new songs now. We’ll think about the video soon.


Black Suicide:  Give us your views about a music video? How helpful it is, according to you, for a band to release a music video?

Godshredder: Video is good ‘cos we get another powerful medium to express our music. Video can visualize the idea ov the song, another creative task ahead.


Black Suicide: Since you’re a budding talent, there must have been some or other negative responses from fans, critics, fellow bands or veterans. Tell us how do you deal with them?

Godshredder: Any response is good, good or bad; it’s for us to analyze which one to listen to or not to. Sometimes people just praise even if we have a bad show, now what to think…. Encouragement or stupid…. We gotta analyze that.


Black Suicide:  Are there any bands Alien Gods desire to share stage with?

Godshredder: Cannibal Corpse, hahaha! Actually every other metal band that mosh hard.


Black Suicide:  Any side projects you guys been involved?

Godshredder: Not right now but who knows we might do something crazy with some freakin’ crazy musician if we get a chance to.

Black Suicide: Tell us about the event ‘Capital Chaos’ organized by Tana Void Doni on October? How was the turnout?

Godshredder: Tana Void Doni and Taba Chake are doing a very good thing for the youths here in Arunachal. Mio is giving platform to all young musicians out here and bring bands from neighboring states and uniting all metal heads to the brotherhood. Capital Chaos was the first ever pub music event in Arunachal and the response was awesome. We are coming up with another on the 27th ov December same place.


Black Suicide:  Share some of the ways you go for to reach a bigger audience and the mass?

Godshredder: Make more music, play tight and spread the music through the internet, that’s when people take notice and eventually we get the gigs.


Black Suicide: Last words for fans?

Godshredder: Stay true, stay strong and Stay metal.

Interview by Vishal Dey

Nepal based Antim Grahan’s new album reviewed- I Wish You Death

Flyer | Antim Grahan- I Wish You Death

Release date: September 8th , 2012

Genre: Black Metal

Label: CG Entertainment

Antim Grahan is a Black Metal band hailing from Kathmandu, Nepal. The band was formed in 2003. Antim Grahan originally started as a Melodic/Symphonic Black Metal outfit, but they are also incorporating influences from death metal riffs after the fourth album.

Antim Grahan recently released their 6th studio full-length album entitled ‘I Wish You Death’.

The tracklist goes as follows:

  • Upon The Liar Of Demon God
  • Heaven Ends Here
  • I Wish You Death
  • Vicious Majestic Endeavours
  • Glorious Funeral Winterland

The album starts off with a pretty clean and refined guitar riff in the track Upon the Liar of Demon God’ further joining those insanely prompt blast-beats till the end. A wise choice of the guitar patches in the entire album can be heard. Adding onto it, shit loads of tremolo pickings and swift playing styles throughout. This is something which is quite common in Black Metal, except the unbelievable double bass patterns Antim Grahan is using and has been using since day one. Apart from the speed, the scales used are quite different than what we all have been hearing till now. If talk about vocals, I found the schemes and transitions somewhat contemporary with less of the usual high-pitched screeches. Perhaps, a blend of Nachtgram’s (Dark Funeral) and Shagrath’s (Dimmu Borgir) voice, if we talk too precise. Also, the female vocals gave their music a whole new dimension. It certainly makes the entire work stand apart from other bands. The whole album didn’t lack the symphonic ‘feel’. One would really dig the way the band has used keyboards as well as the opera vocals in some parts of the album. Indeed, a superfine input by the keyboardist. Coming to the bass guitars, two words- proper sync; had there been a messy bass structure, the drummer’s work would have gone in vain. That’s what I feel.

With a lot of alterations, experimentations, as well as innovations, the new album sounds viral. Also, no element has let the original spirits of Black Metal die. Overall, I loved their music. This, according to me, is the best album out of all the six albums Antim Grahan has ever released.

I feel good enough to give ‘I Wish You Death’



Interview with Norwegian Black Metal giants Gorgoroth


Black Suicide: Thank you for extracting out time for this interview. First of all, how have you people been?

Infernus: Thank you for showing interest in my band. As of now, we are back from a relatively speaking extensive Latin-American tour. I was a bit stressed due to the sudden need to replace our vocalist just two weeks prior to the tour. But it all went well and we had a great time there. As for now the main focus is back on studio work for a while. Meaning that me and Asklund working on pre-productions etc. in his studio at the outskirts of Stockholm, Sweden.



Black Suicide: Fans in India, including me, were really keen to know the literal meaning of the word ‘Gorgoroth’. Share with us the significance behind the band’s name. What made you guys choose ‘Gorgoroth’ as your band name?

Infernus: Well, sure. Back in the early 90’s, I was a bit more interested in fantasy literature than I am now. When Tolkien described the plateau of Gorgoroth in his Lord of the Rings, this made a certain impression on me. Leading to the conclusion that a description of a place inhabited by the powers of terror and fear – fear of the powers of darkness – would fit as a name for my musical project.



Black Suicide: Tell us the story behind the formation of the band? When and how was Gorgoroth established?

Infernus: I formed the band together with my first drummer and my first vocalist in 1992.



Black Suicide: Also, tell us how did you start playing Black Metal?

Infernus: Yeah. I realized that I was a Satanist and I realised I had a somewhat passionate stance towards metal music and the idea of partaking in shaping its future direction.



Black Suicide: What was the reason behind Gaahl leaving the band?

Infernus: He excluded himself through disloyalty through conspiring with an enemy counterworking mine and my band’s will.


Black Suicide: Has the band got that ‘expected’ support from the fans lately? What else would you want the fans to be like?

Infernus: I am not sure if I understand what you mean. But, I do not like the description of our audience as that of being merely humble and easy-to-direct ‘fans’. I prefer the term ‘audience’. Well, our audience has at all times been both critical and supportive. I know to appreciate that both in times of difficulties and otherwise.



Black Suicide: Tell us about the controversy the band faced in Krakow in 2004 during the DVD recording of your live concert ‘Black Mass Krakow 2004’.

Infernus: Why?



Black Suicide: So, what are your future plans?

Infernus: ‘Instinctus Bestialis’ has been in the making since the day the ‘Quantos Possunt Ad Satanitatem Trahunt’ mastertape was delivered to the record company. And it is still not finished. As mentioned earlier, we just returned from Latin America two weeks ago. Now my focus is on studio work, pre-productions, the final arrangements for the upcoming album, and on management work. Plus, the booking duties, as I, to a large extent, do this myself. As for live appearances, I aim at and hope we will reach an agreement for doing some eight shows in south-east Asia in February. Then there will be some smaller projects before we most probably will be doing the longest tour ever back in Europe, covering ALL European territories by the end of 2013.


Black Suicide: Tell us about your influences? What influenced Gorgoroth the most when you were working on the first track ever?

Infernus: The spirit of Heavy Metal and a firm belief in Satan as my guide towards true light and goodness.



Black Suicide: Well, what do you have to say about ‘Satanism’? What does Satan is for Gorgoroth?

Infernus: Satan is the foundation whereupon we carry out our work.


Black Suicide: Tell us about your stage-act styles?

Infernus: No, why? Some things presented better speak for themselves. So, you shall find an answer to this when you see us live.



Black Suicide: Well, coming to the themes again, how would you explain Black Metal- is it about Anti-Religious trends, or is it more about Satan? How important is it to involve such themes in Black Metal?

Infernus: It has nothing to do with any kind of anti-religiosity at all. Rather the contrary. I am not sure about your background and context, but where I come from, the devil is at work in times of slumber. And this for a reason.



Black Suicide: What are your views regarding various subgenres originating out of Black Metal like DSBM, Progressive etc.?

Infernus: Let’s just say that I don’t know it.  I am plain simply just not interested in checking it out.



Black Suicide: What is your say on ‘Shoegaze’?

Infernus: Eh?


Black Suicide: Most of your fans in India were keen to know about your views about Varg Vikerenes. We would love it if you could share something about Varg Vikernes and Burzum.

Infernus: What would that be? He is a grown up man and I guess most of you are too. Why not let him talk for himself?



Black Suicide: Before we wrap up the interview, is there anything you would want to share with the Indian fans and readers?

Infernus: As of now, no. I’d love to go there someday. Either as a tourist or performing live (which again would mean both). A friend of mine once lived in Kolkata some months while doing a degree in comparative religions at the University of Bergen. I was invited there, but missed out on the opportunity. That bothers me a lot. If we’ll do it, I’ll make 100% sure to have some days off while there. Thanks for your time!


Current Line-Up of the band is as follows,

  • Infernus – guitars (1992–present)
  • Bøddel– bass guitar (2007–present)
  • Tomas Asklund – drums (2007–present)
  • Tormentor – guitars (1996–2002, 2008–present)
  • Atterigner – vocals (2012–present)





Interview by Shrey Kathuria

Interview with Guwahati based Judas Ancestry



Black Suicide: Hello, Judas Ancestry!  First of all, how are you guys?

Judas Ancestry: Never been better!🙂


Black Suicide: Tell us how the band came into being? Also, who came up with the name ‘Judas Ancestry’?

Judas Ancestry: Well, the band was formed by Hillol and Sandeep back in 2010. And Sandeep came up with the name ‘Judas Ancestry’.


Black Suicide: There have been a lot of line-up changes in the band lately. Tell us how the band undertook the changes which happened throughout, along with the final line-up the act is running on.

Judas Ancestry: Well, line-up changes are either good or bad for the band but in our case it helped us finding members. At first we had problems with our co-ordination but later, with time, we gelled together to be a tight outfit and since then we haven’t looked back.


Black Suicide: ‘Judas Ancestry’, as a band, has certainly played number of gigs. How important do you think it is, for a band, to be frequent with their live scenes and gigs?

Judas Ancestry: Gigs are really essential for a band. I would say- The more you play live, the better you get!


Black Suicide: What ‘subgenre’ of Black Metal would you place your band in? Also, give a brief word about your music to the readers and fans.

Judas Ancestry: Our genre is really a debatable issue for most listeners. As far as we are concerned, we classify our genre as a mixture of Symphonic Black & Melodic Death Metal that we call is Symphonic Extreme Metal.


Black Suicide: Does the band get that ‘expected’ support out of fans in Guwahati? Tell us more about the local scene out there.

Judas Ancestry: Yeah, we do get support in bulk these days as we are active in the scene for the past 2 years. Crowd support is what we crave for. The local scene is growing day by day with lots of dedicated metal lovers who usually turn up in the numbers in gigs. We thank them all, with full heart.


Black Suicide: Tell us about the gear you have been using.

Judas Ancestry: Our vocalist, Sandeep, uses Proton microphones. Our guitarists, Sumon uses Schecter Damien 7-string and Boss ME70, while Rhittick uses Ibanez Gio and Korg AX3000G. Our bass player, Rohil uses BC Rich Warbeast 4-string bass. Our keyboardist, Hillol uses Korg M50. Our drummer, Shantanu uses Tama Iron Cobra double bass pedals, Sabian cymbals and Premiere Drumkit.


Black Suicide: Which was the last gig the band played? Any further live scenes coming up in near future?

Judas Ancestry: Our last gig was a competition organised by JD Institutes of Fashion called Hammerfest 2012, which we had won.

Yeah, we are planning to compete in few more competitions before the end of the year. Let’s hope everything goes well.


Black Suicide: The band recently came up with ‘Ancient Dust’ (Split CD with Izund in 2011). Tell us more about it. Is there any other release lined up for this year?

Judas Ancestry: ‘Ancient Dust’ was a split album released with a one-man Black Metal band Izund from Egypt. It featured 2 tracks each from both the bands. Our song Black Heart Bleeding was featured in the split.

Currently we are recording our debut EP which we are thinking of releasing by end of this year.


Black Suicide: Any Indian band(s) who has inspired you guys to make music?

Judas Ancestry: Yeah! Bands like Demonic Resurrection, Kryptos has inspired us a lot. They have set a benchmark in the Indian Scene which many bands look upto.


Black Suicide: Before we wrap up, last words for the fans and readers?

Judas Ancestry: Keep supporting Metal, the independent scene. And yeah, do buy our EP when it is out, haha!



Interview by Vishal Dey